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Supporting creativity and opening new perspectives: education projects are designed to provide new experiences for young people through the exploration of music, inspiring them to be creative musicians themselves. Since 2009, IEMA has been presenting the interdisciplinary cultural project “CultureDayYear” at schools in Frankfurt, in cooperation with the foundation Nantesbuch (formerly Altana Culture Foundation) and other partners.

Interdisciplinary arts project including visual arts, music, literature and dance

For one entire school year, one day per week of a 7th or 8th grade class is designated “Culture Day”

Ensemble Modern musicians teach the students how to invent their own music

Education projects are an attempt to enable young people to experience new music and, in doing so, give them a better understanding of compositional concepts and developments.
Ensemble Modern musicians give students an understanding of New Music and also help them to develop their own compositions. The aim is to show that children and teenagers of all ages can be musically creative, even if they have no or minimal previous experience with instruments.

Since 2009, IEMA collaborates with the foundation Nantesbuch (formerly Altana Cultural Foundation) and further cooperating partners to present the cultural project “CultureDayYear” at several schools in Frankfurt. Over the course of one year, a weekly “Culture Day” („Kulturtag“) gives students the opportunity to work with professional visual artists, musicians, dancers, writers and actors in various artistic genres. In the music field, the students explore their own sounds and compositions together with Ensemble Modern musicians. The results are then presented in a final interdisciplinary performance. Thus far, the project has been implemented at the Bettinaschule Frankfurt, the IGS Nordend and the Charles-Hallgarten-School.

KulturTagJahr, 2016 © Michael Habes
KulturTagJahr, 2016 © Michael Habes
KulturTagJahr, 2016 © Michael Habes
KulturTagJahr, 2015 © Michael Habes