Klansgpuren Schwaz 2019

International Ensemble Modern Academy in Schwaz
from August 28 to September 09, 2019

The call for applications is aimed at young musicians from all over the world who are close to finishing their studies and who are interested in taking on the special challenges of twentieth and twenty-first Century music. In accordance with the main theme of the festival 2019 „RISSE/Fissures“ the masterful composer Mark Andre and the improviser Zeena Parkins will rehearse in collaboration with the tutors of the Ensemble Modern and the conductor Rupert Huber a selection of remarkable contemporary compositions. These works will be performed at several festival concerts and be part of the exceptional event „Rent a Musician“ in which private households, institutions, or companies can book a small concert to be performed on one’s own premises.

Conducting – flute – oboe – clarinet – bassoon – horn – trumpet – trombone – piano – percussion – harp – violin – viola – violoncello – double bass

The submission deadline is April 15, 2019. Application is only possible through the online system at www.klangspuren.at

Klangspuren 2019 Folder