Meersburg Concert Conversations 2024

The fifth edition invites you to listen and think.

The Meersburg Concert Conversations enters its fifth edition at the end of June, inviting audiences to listen and think – in a series of events conceived in 2018 with Hans Zender, then still alive. Members of Ensemble Modern and the current IEMA Ensemble present chamber music works from 100 years of music history. One focus will be the contraction and intensification of musical idioms, a central stylistic element in works as early as Anton Webern’s. This issue will also be illuminated in a lecture by Christian Utz, taking Zender’s ›Lo-Shu-Zyklus‹ as his point of departure. One work of this cycle will be presented by the Ensemble Aventure from Freiburg, which participates in the Meersburg series for the first time.

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