Spring Concerts

IEMA-Ensemble 2018/19

Once again, the current IEMA Ensemble illuminates very different positions in contemporary music during its three spring concerts. Apart from several »classics« and a world premiere by the current composition fellow, Elnaz Seyed, the performances feature Brian Ferneyhough’s complex work Flurries‹ as well as Bernhard Gander’s extrovert ›schlechtecharakterstücke‹ – both were rehearsed in workshops with the composers themselves. Staged elements can be experienced in Francesco Filidei’s ›I funerali dell’anarchio Serantini‹, in which the musicians lament the death of a young protester while executing a precise choreography, or the anarchistic ›Cobra‹ by John Zorn, part of his ›Game-Pieces‹.