Culture and Politics at the Osthafen

Frankfurt am Main is expanding and booming. Like many other Frankfurt quarters, the area surrounding the Osthafen (Eastern Harbour) is undergoing rapid change. Companies, professional associations, advertising agencies, but also social institutions are moving here, opening the formerly marginalized and rather unattractive industrial zone towards the city. In order to present this changing place as a location for culture and politics where interesting things are happening, several cultural and socio-political institutions based here have initiated a loose neighbourhood cooperative, choosing the name ›Ostport, Culture and Politics at the Osthafen‹. In addition to Ensemble Modern and the International Ensemble Modern Academy, it also includes other cultural protagonists who have long been residents of the area, e.g. the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie and Romanfabrik, but also some who have only established themselves here recently, e.g. Atelierfrankfurt, the Kunstverein Familie Montez and medico international, an association for humanitarian aid and human rights. Joint activities and joint PR measures demonstrate that the Eastern Harbour is a thriving, fascinating area which is well worth visiting.