Dance and Music

The Folkwang Dance Studio and Ensemble Modern will give a joint performance of Manfred Trojahn’s piece ›... une campagne noire de soleil‹ at the festival ›Körperstürme‹: for the first time, the piece – which has only ever been heard in concert – will be performed in the originally envisioned combination of dance and music. From the beginning, Trojahn had in mind lighting, space and movement. The renowned choreographer Reinhild Hoffmann has conceived the dance piece ›Schimären‹ as a complement. The performance takes place on May 15 and 16 at Kassel’s Martinskirche. The same venue sees the event ›Materia Prima‹ on May 13 and 14, when the IEMA Ensemble performs together with dancers from ZuKT and the Frankfurt Academy of Music and Performing Arts, exploring the border areas of sound and movement. Trojahn’s ›5 Intermezzi‹ provided the impulse sparking this creative process, which will be accompanied musically by Manfred Trojahn and Gebrüder Teichmann.