Klangspuren Schwaz 2016

International Ensemble Modern Academy at Klangspuren Schwaz

The KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY is an offshoot of the International Ensemble Modern Academy IEMA and was founded in 2003, the same year as IEMA itself. It has developed into one of the festival’s most successful projects. By founding IEMA 13 years ago, Ensemble Modern, the world-famous specialist new music ensemble, has demonstrated its conviction that the next generation of professional musicians requires training and education in new music. From the beginning, KLANGSPUREN has been a partner in this endeavour with its two-week IEMA academy – more than a sufficient reason to present IEMA in a larger dimension than usual, in its full breadth and depth.

The 13th KLANGSPUREN IEMA will therefore extend its customary core activities by a large-scale concert, opening the festival on September 8, 2016 with the ENSEMBLE MODERN ORCHESTRA, which consists of the current fellows of the KLANGSPUREN academy – almost 40 from all over the world – as well as former and current participants of the IEMA course in Frankfurt, and Ensemble Modern itself. Following the opening weekend, these groups of musicians will be heard separately in concerts, many of which will feature works by very young composers – bringing a cosmos of young stars to the fore.

The call for applications is aimed at young musicians from all over the world who are close to finishing their studies and who are interested in taking on the special challenges of twentieth and twenty-first century music.

The submission deadline is May 8, 2016, application is only possible through the online system at www.klangspuren.at/en/internationalensemble-modernacademy.