Recording of IEMA Concert

Following two projects in the context of the Ulysses Network - the IEMA composers’ workshop and the MANIFESTE Academy of IRCAM – the IEMA Ensemble presented some of their results within a concert at Konzerthaus Berlin on 2nd October 2012. Besides masterpieces by Helmut Lachenmann and György Ligeti, the audience listened to Franco Donatoni’s “HOT”, a virtuoso piece that had been prepared during the MANIFESTE Academy in Paris under the guidance of Thomas Adès and members of Ensemble Modern, to “nichtsdestotrotz”, a new piece by Birke Bertelsmeier.

The recording of this concert will be broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk as “Konzertdokument der Woche”, on 10th February at 21.05 h.

Birke Bertelsmeier (*1981): nichtsdestotrotz (2012) **
Helmut Lachenmann (*1935): Trio fluido (1966)
György Ligeti (1923–2006): Kammerkonzert für 13 Instrumentalisten (1969/70)
Franco Donatoni (1927–2000): Hot (1989)**

** In the context of Ulysses Network. This project is funded with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.