IEMA partner of Ulysses Network

In 2012, the Ulysses Network was co-founded by the IEMA and 13 further music institutions and academies with the main goal to create improved possibilities for the production of new works by a younger generation of composers that shall be mostly initiated through cooperations between the academies. Furthermore, the interconnectedness between the partners and the development of existing networks shall serve an easier and more effective distribution of contemporary works.

The Ulysses Network was inspired by an illustrious generation of 18th Century artists who wandered all across Europe, visiting the greatest masters’ workshops in order to improve and to complete their skills. Following the steps of the Homeric hero, their odyssey was an initiatory journey paving the way for future generations of young European artists.

The first concert of the IEMA-Ensemble in the context of Ulysses took place in Paris (Centre Pompidou) in cooperation with IRCAM, partner of the Ulysses Network. Further concerts in the context of the project in cooperation with the Foundation Royoumont will take place in Royaumont and Frankfurt. The project is funded with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. More information about the Ulysses Network.