Marco Ramaglia, Piano

Marco started playing piano by his own choice at the age of eleven. He studied in Italy (Naples, Rome) and Germany (Trossingen, University of Music), also receiving a lot of important guidance from Peter Nelson in songs accompaniment, Fabrizio Bastianini in composition, Francesco Pepicelli in chamber music and Andreé Darras for harpsichord.
Fascinated from the China, in 2011 he moved there and taught piano at the Jiaozuo University, Jiaozuo City. Now is Marco focusing on contemporary music, improvisation and the piano/celeste repertoire »in orchestra« (Ensemble Polyphonie T, Orchestra of the Trossingen University of Music, RIAS Youth Orchestra); he also co-founded the improvisation trio SUZAKU (cello, dance, piano), which explores the relationship between musical improvisation and movement.
Marco has been awarded six scholarships. He was a scholar of the »Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit« (Friedrich Naumann’s Foundation for Liberty), a German foundation promoting human rights, social engagement and education.

Updated: 2012-08-22