Yuka Ohta, Percussion

Yuka was born in Hyogo/Japan and started playing the piano at the age of four. Her percussion-education began at the music school in Nishinomiya Hyogo. After her A-Levels she studied at the conservatory of Kunitachi (Tokio) with Prof. Kazunori Momose, Prof. Takashi Fukuda, Tohru Uematsu, Shoko Araya and Momoko Kamiya. She received the »Takeoka Prize« for the best graduation at the conservatory.
Since 2009 she studies at the academy of music in Detmold with Prof. Peter Prommel, Sven Pollkötter, Fumito Nunoya, Mike Turnbull, Christian Schönefeld und Irmgard-Maria Tutschek.
Caused by temporary jobs Yuka played with different orchestras and ensembles in Europe and Japan. For example she played in the Krakow Philharmonie Hall or in the Herculeshall in Munich.
She was a member at the »Festival jünger Künstler Bayreuth« and at »Junges Klangforum Mitte Europa«, as well as the Beethoven Academy Orchestra Krakow.
In addition Yuka was a guest at different international music-festivals, for example at the Ensemble Modern »Klangspuren Festival Schwaz«, the »Nancy Zeltsamn Marimba Festival« or at the »International Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik«.
She played a lot of premieres of Japanese compositions. In 2011/12 Yuka was an intern at the state theatre Darmstadt.

Updated: 2012-08-22