Namgyun Kim, Double bass

Namgyun Kim was born 1983 in Korea. He studied doublebass at the Berlin "Hanns-Eisler" University of Music from 2002 and completed his diploma in 2006 at the Frankfurt University of Music. Between 2002 and now he studied with a lot of teachers, such as Miachel Wolf, Janne Saksala, Esko Laine, G√ľnter Klaus, Hienrich Braun, Franco Petracchi and at last with Dane Roberts. At present he studies his Master in Historical Interpretation for violone at the University of Music in Frankfurt and at the same time studies solo performance at the University of Music in Mannheim.
He was member of the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Academ and he played doublebass in a series of orchestras: he played with the NDR Hannover Radio Philharmonic, the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Berlin Sibelius Orchestra.
Namgyun Kim also won prizes in several competitions like the Johannes-Matthias-Sperger International Doublebass Competition, the International Doublebass Solo Competition Berlin 2010, the Franz-Simandl International Doublebass Competition in the Czech Rebublic (first prize) and the Wroclaw World Bass Festival International Doublebass Solo Competition in Poland (first prize).
Through studies in numerous master classes he broadened his interpretative abilities.

Until March 2012.

Updated: 2011-09-12