Yen-Ting Liu, Cello

Yen-Ting Liu was born in Taiwan in 1985. She started learning the piano at age four. Three years later, she began learning the cello and won first prize at the Taichung Competition in 1996. In 2003 she began her studies under Prof. Christoph Henkel at the College of Music in Freiburg, and in 2008 completed her degree in “Artistic Education” and “Music Teaching” with the final grade of “very good”.

Yen-Ting is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Concert Exams under Prof. Gregor Horsch at the Robert Schumann College in Düsseldorf. In order to supplement her studies, she has attended a number of master classes taught by Marion Feldman, Wolfgang Boettcher, Hans-Christian Schweiker, Christoph Henkel, Peter Bruns, Anner Bylsma and Wolf Harden. Yen-Ting has given concerts in Europe and the United States, and has performed solos with various orchestras. Since 2003 she has gained chamber music experience in her piano trio “Trio 03” and won the Cours et Concours Prize at Villa Musica in 2009.

She is particularly interested in New Music and has participated in the VorEcho series produced by the Institute for New Music at the College of Music in Freiburg. She also performs contemporary music together with the Ensemble Chronophonie and Holst-Sinfonietta.

Updated: 2010-09-27