Susanne Blumenthal, Conductor

Susanne Blumenthal was born in Bonn, Germany in 1975. She studied German and School Music in Mainz and Cologne, and after passing her state examination, studied conducting with a concentration on choir conducting under Prof. Ralf Otto in Essen. She also received instruction in conducting from Prof. Wolfgang Trommer, Prof. David de Villiers and Martin Fratz. She received piano training from Prof. Heinrich Zarbock and Prof. Michael Endres, among others. She gained theoretical and practical competence in singing and voice in seminars taught by Prof. Kurt Hofbauer and instruction from Prof. Mechthild Georg and Prof. Reinhard Leisenheimer. She supplemented her extensive training with numerous master classes in conducting taught by Bernhard Haitink, Sylvain Cambreling, Hartmut Hänchen and others, and internships at various opera houses (GMD Markus Stenz, GMD Roman Kofman and GMD Jack van Steen).

In 2007 she won first prize at the Bergische Symphoniker Conducting Competition. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia awarded her a job scholarship there, where she conducted several of the orchestra’s concert productions. She is the co-founder and conductor of the EOS Chamber Orchestra in Cologne with primary focus on 20th and 21st-century music. She has worked as a conductor at the Volksbühne Bergisch-Neukirchen since 2003 where she is regularly responsible for the entire musical direction of large operetta productions. In 2005 she founded the vocal ensemble O:TON, with which she recently performed together with the saxophonist and composer Angelika Niescier at the Moers Festival 2008.

As a pianist, she has given solo and ensemble performances. These include concerts by the Helios Ensemble, which she also founded and which is funded by the SK Stifting Kultur and the Cultural Office of Cologne.

Updated: 2010-09-27