Lukasz Gothszalk, Trumpet

Łukasz Gothszalk was born in 1984 in Nowa Sól, Poland. He first studied trumpet at the age of seven with Janusz Gabryelski in Nowa Sól, then Igor Cecocho in Wrocaw, next by Reinhold Friedrich and Edward H. Tarr in Karlsruhe, Germany, followed by Wiliam Forman in Berlin, by Frits Damrow in Amsterdam and by Mark Gould in New York City.

Łukasz’s musical abilities have been recognized on the international stage. His awards include awards in Luxemburg (1998), Moscow (2000), Jastrzębie Zdrój (1998, 2000, 2002), Gdańsk (2002, 2005), Tokyo (2005, 2006), Cheju (2008) and finaly the 2008 ITG Ellsworth Smith Trumpet Solo Competition in Boston, USA. He also has held various scholarships including “Agreement without barriers” from Jolanta and Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the president and first lady of Poland, in 2001; the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2008, the Polish National Foundation in Favor of Children from 2000-2003, the government of Wrocław in 2002, Yamaha Scholarship in 2009, Afred Toepfer Stiftung in 2010 ect.

Łukasz has performed in many European nations including his native Poland, Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and the USA. As a soloist he has worked with orchestras such as the Bayerischer Rundfunk Orchestra, Boston University Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic, Baden-Baden Philharmonic, Wrocław Philharmonic, Cheju Philharmonic, Amman Philharmonic, Zielona Góra Philharmonic, Kielce Philharmonic, and the Baroque Orchestra of Reinhold Friedrich.

In 2008 he performed the 2nd Brandenburg Concerto in Berlin Philharmonic with Reinhard Goebel (Köln Musica Antiqua) and with Bayern Radio Symphony Orchestra Munich. He is a frequent guest artist with the Warsaw Autumn and Ultraschall Berlin. He has been a member of Ensemble Phoenix in Basel since 2005, and from 2006-7 he participated in the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt.

Updated: 2010-11-18