Since 2008, the Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie also offers master classes especially for young musicians. The ›epoche_f‹ master classes are run in cooperation with the State Music Academy of Lower Saxony and Lower Saxony’s ›Jugend musiziert‹ Foundation. From 2010 to 2012 they were also supported by the Deutsche Bank Foundation.

The master class offers talented students who have already acquired professional instrumental skills as German national prize winners of the music competition ›Jugend musiziert‹ the chance to work on 20th and 21st century works with musicians of the Ensemble Modern. They learn how to decipher unknown scores, practice additional playing techniques, understand complicated rhythms and, step by step, give shape to this new sound experience as part of an ensemble. The results are then performed at a joint concert at the end of the course.

Incidentally, the letter ›f‹ in ›epoche_ f‹ stands for music after 1950: The ›Jugend musiziert‹ competition guidelines divide the musical epochs chronologically according to musical styles, assigning a letter to each epoch.