Since its beginnings, the Ensemble Modern has always emphasised
the importance of communication and teaching in its work. As
early as 1988, the Ensemble participated in a so-called ›Response‹
project in cooperation with the London Sinfonietta and the British
Council. Various other projects at a number of schools in Frankfurt
The EM’s education projects are an attempt to enable young
people to experience new music and, in doing so, to give them
a better understanding of compositional concepts and developments.
Ensemble Modern musicians give pupils an understanding
of new music and also help them to develop their own compositions.
These works are then performed at attractive venues. The
aim is to show that children of all ages can be musically creative,
even if they have no or minimal experience with instruments.
Since 2009, the IEMA collaborates with the ALTANA Kulturstiftung
and cultural institutions such as The Forsythe Company and several
schools in Frankfurt in a unique cultural project: Over the course
of one year, a weekly »culture day« (»Kulturtag«) gives 7th or 8th
grade students the opportunity to embark on an excursion through
the various artistic disciplines (music, fine arts, dance, literature).
The results of this journey are then presented in a final interdisciplinary